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    Welcome to my classroom website!Bonjour

      Madame Kankolenski

    There are many areas to the website that I know you will find great value in. My goal is to make the website not just a tool for me, as the teacher, to connect with parents, but also a learning tool and resource for the students.

    A bit about me! (Un peu de moi!)
     I am originally from Canada. I am also an American citizen.  I am in my 10th year of teaching French and Students With Disabilities.
    I hold a variety of certificates and diplomas. Including Early Childhood Education, French, Special Education, School Building Leadership and Real Estate. 
    I love learning many new things about the world. I have traveled to Austria, France, Italy, England, Switzerland, Hungary and Germany. I am excited to engage in our MYP program here at City Honors.
     I am honored to work with your children. We are now in Quarter 3 and my students have learned so much. I have encouraged them to work very hard and challenged their minds in Foreign Language. They have done listening, reading, writing and speaking and many cultural activities.
    We are a college prep school and I will push your children to do their very best.
    Communication (Best way to get me!)
    Please e-mail me or call if you have any questions and or concerns.