• Educational Programs at Olmsted School #64




    Gifted and Talented Program (GT)

    Our program incorporates critical thinking, creative thinking, and metacognition as interdependent processes.  Daily instruction integrates and promotes the attributes of each strand.

    • Critical Thinking: The ability to evaluate and judge concepts, ideas, and products.
    • Creative Thinking:  The ability to form new combinations of ideas.
    • Metacognition: Thinking about thinking.  It is becoming aware of one’s own thought processes.



    Dual Language Immersion Program (DLI)

    The DLI program provides a student-centered learning environment that promotes excellence through purposeful, differentiated literacy and numeracy instruction in both Spanish and English. The program is designed to immerse native Spanish speakers with native English speakers to learn collaboratively across the content areas. 

    Students learn in a predominantly Spanish environment in the early grades, with the English instruction increasing as students advance in grade levels.  The goal is for both groups to become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.  Students may continue in the DLI program in fifth grade at Olmsted School #156.


    Dual Language Immersion Model

    • PK - 90/10 
    • K- 80/20
    • 1st - 70/30
    • 2nd - 60/40
    • 3rd - 50/50
    • 4th - 50/50