• Greetings Buffalo Public School (BPS) Families and Community Members,


    As your School Superintendent of one of the best Urban School District’s in this country, my hope is that you had a peaceful summer and that you and your child(ren) are already starting to feel a sense of excitement about their return to school.  I can hardly wait!!  The start of a school year is always a bit exciting, as it is a time of “NEW BEGINNINGS!!”


    We have a new vision for the Buffalo Public Schools, and it is as follows:

    “Welcome to the Buffalo Public Schools where excellence is our primary expectation, with no excuses!”


    It will take a collective effort, both district and city-wide, for us to realize this inclusive vision.  As we prepare to move the Buffalo Public Schools to a new level our mantra is: “ONE VOICE… ONE VISION… ONE MISSION!”  


    In order for us to maintain this excitement for 2022-2023, our number one priority is making sure that all of our students and staff are safe, every day in every school. Safety must always be maintained.


    The unfortunate and horrific acts of terror around our country and city serve as a reminder of the importance of paying close attention to detail in maintaining school safety.  Thus, you will see improved safety protocols on our school grounds and buses this year.  Along with this, we need the help of all of our parents, students, staff, and community to support us as we continue to be more diligent about safety.


    Each of us needs to not only be more observant when things appear out of the ordinary in our schools and on our buses, but to also make sure that we report these to someone who will check into them to make sure that all is okay.  We would rather give attention to a "false alarm" than to ever look back and wish that something was reported.


    School safety will also include a focus on mitigating the spread of the COVID-19 virus, by ensuring that all of our classrooms are well ventilated and that we continue to adhere to NYS Department of Health recommendations.  We continue to encourage students and staff to get vaccinated and boosted, if eligible and be tested if they have knowingly been exposed to the virus and/ or are experiencing any symptoms.


    Second, only to safety is the expectation that all of our students will be taught and cared for by highly qualified adults who hold high expectations for each of them each day that our students walk through the doors of any of our schools every day.  I expect that an excellent education will be provided to our students every day.


    Finally, I must address the transportation issues that BPS (along with our nation) are experiencing.  They are very concerning.  Our district is continuing to do all possible to address this issue.  Know that we will continue to provide you with updates.  We will be transparent in our efforts.  As we expect some bus pick up delays, we are encouraging parents and caregivers to download the FIRSTview app. to retrieve real-time updates on bus routes and to expect regular updates on transportation on our district’s website at: www.buffaloschools.org 


    In closing, THANK YOU for all that you do, and for sending and entrusting your child to a Buffalo Public School.  Your partnership on this new journey will be invigorating and unique!  There is fresh, new energy within the Buffalo Public Schools, and we look forward to serving you this 2022-2023 academic year!  Thank you for your continued support.  See you next week!


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    Dr. Tonja M. Williams
    Superintendent of Schools

  • Dr. Tonja Williams
    Dr. Tonja M. Williams
    Superintendent of the Buffalo City School District
    712 City Hall
    65 Niagara Square
    Buffalo, NY 14202

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