• Many of our students rely on the NFTA for transport to and from school. Many members of the non-school public also rely on the NFTA for their transportation needs. The NFTA Metro Bus and Rail is a public resource paid for by the Buffalo Public Schools to ensure the safe and timely arrival of students to school and back home. If there is a special provided for your route, it is expected you will ride that special. Loitering at train stations or at bus stops is not permitted. Seeking to create a disturbance or cause harm to others is also not permitted. 


    Students who abuse the public transportation service will face disciplinary consequences at school, may have their bus pass revoked or confiscated, and may be subject to legal consequences. A pass that is confiscated will be returned to the school that the student is assigned to, and the school will determine the conditions of the return of the pass to the student.”