• Sarah is Retiring!




    Yes, we are sad to see her go... let's produce a beautiful send off, by means of a video keepsake!


    Please use this link to submit your clip to Keith for the celebration video (BY 12/23/2022): CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR CLIP


    How to Record a GREAT Clip:

  • Tips and Tricks for great video capture:

    1. Please turn your phone or iPad horizontal for the shot.
    2. Do not have any windows or light in front of the lens.
    3. Try to have light coming in from above or behind the camera.
    4. Take a second to find a warm and welcoming background.
    5. Without a good mic, the camera should be 2-5 feet from you.
    6. You can film solo or with another ITC.
    7. Try to keep your shot in the 15-30 second range.
    8. Feel free to be creative!
    9. Please submit your clip by the holiday break!
    10. No nudity, drug use or profanity unless pre-approved.