About Southside School 93

  • Southside Elementary is part of the Buffalo School District that is regarded as one of the premier urban school systems in New York State. Serving 38,000 students in nearly 70 facilities, the district strives to bring exemplary teaching practices and unparalleled opportunities to its diverse student population. 

    Southside Elementary is one of the largest elementary school in the Buffalo Public School District and offers over 900 students in grades Pre-K through 8 a safe and quality education.


    The mission of Southside Elementary is to create a school environment that promotes high academic achievement for all students by collaborating with faculty, students, parents and the community.
    Our School Beliefs are That:

    • We will at all times maintain high expectations for all students.
    • We believe in aligning our curriculum, teaching and assessments to help improve student achievement.
    • We believe our partnership between home, school and community should have one focus and that is high academic achievement for all.
    • We will use all relevant data to monitor and improve student achievement.
    • We will support teachers with professional development opportunities that are consistent with district initiatives, are standards based and ensure high academic achievement for all students.