Program Information

  • Pathways Academy:

    Virtual Program Overview


    Principal: Mrs. Maria Conrad

    Assistant Principal: Mrs. Elena Collins

    School Clerk: Robin Harroun  

    School Counselors: Liza Waters & Michelle Croce

    Social Workers: Kristen Cangialosi & Rebecca Padilla

    Gradpoint Coordinator: Mrs. Beth Dailey


    The Buffalo Public Schools Virtual Pathways Program (VPP) was created in September 2016, with a mission to offer instruction to students in an innovative, nontraditional, virtual environment. 
    • The use of technology as a main form of instructional delivery allows students to receive instruction and feedback tailored to their own unique learning needs, promoting simultaneous acquisition of content knowledge and 21st century skills. Currently, the VPP offers courses in initial credit electives, online credit recovery (OCR) and electives.
    • GradPoint by Pearson Education, the BPS learning management system, is the curricular heart of the Virtual Pathways Program and has:
      • Two full-time New York State Certified Administrators,
      • Two New York State Certified School Counselors.
      • Two New York State Certified Social Workers.
      • Seven New York State Certified content specific teachers.
    • GradPoint hosts all course content for the VPP courses offered, inclusive of initial credit electives, online credit recovery and credit accrual.
    • Students use GradPoint to engage with their content, communicate with their teachers, and use supplemental resources available within the platform to support their coursework. 
    • Teachers use GradPoint to monitor student progress, communicate with students, provide and document feedback of student work, allow student retries on assignments and maintain grades.

    The Buffalo Public Schools Virtual Learning Program is designed for enrichment and advancement as well as to help students meet graduation requirements.

    • Students are enrolled in GradPoint, a web-based learning environment, facilitated by a NYS certified Buffalo Public School teachers.
    • Use of GradPoint expands course offerings and opportunities to students across the district.
    • In addition, this program builds pathways to graduation for students who have short credits, who need electives or advanced courses, or who have missed requirements because of an illness, schedule conflict or extenuating personal or academic circumstances.
    • The program follows the NYS Part 100 Regulations and courses are aligned with New York State and Common Core Standards.
    • Students have scheduled time, in a computer lab, to access their courses and have the opportunity to work at home or an alternate off-site location providing technology is available.


    Virtual Pathways Program Highlights

    Benefits to OCR

    • Online Credit Recovery offers a unique opportunity for students who have previously failed courses to recover those credits online.
    • The web-based versatility allows for courses to be accessible before, during, and after the school day, providing students with the resources to recover a course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students work through courses at a differentiated pace with our expert educators.


    • The Buffalo Public Schools Virtual Pathways Program provides an innovative opportunity for students to attain a rigorous high school education over the Internet. 
    • The online learning platform enhances student learning through the use of multi-media to augment student learning. Course content and resources allow students to access learning opportunities related to topical areas through the Internet to enhance 21st century learning skills.


    • Buffalo Public Schools Virtual Pathways Program provides online access to a high school education, creating opportunities for learning to students with a variety of educational needs including credit recovery, academic acceleration, or grade improvement. 
    • Further, the school's year-round open enrollment policy provides students greater access and flexibility to courses on a more flexible schedule.


    • The flexible student-learning format of GradPoint aligns Buffalo Public Schools Virtual Pathways Program courses with state and national standards so that students have the opportunity to increase their achievement. 
    • Students demonstrate their ability to perform academically in alternative learning environments, and have access to individualized attention from teachers to maximize achievement potential. 
    • Students determine their readiness for testing and assessment on course subject matter, offering them numerous opportunities for individual goal setting. 
    • This results in a more independent, achievement-oriented learning process for each student.  



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