Student Testimonials

  • Virtual Pathways Program
    Student Testimonials
    What our students are saying about the program:

    Jasmine… "I like it because my schedule puts me out of the regular class setting.  I am easily distracted, but with GradPoint I can concentrate better."


    Derrdan... "I love it because I work at my own pace and I can still earn credits."


    Armani… "It’s easy, well sometimes, because it's giving me another chance at graduating on time with my friends."


    Rajah… "I like it better than actual school… it’s different."


    Dyamond… "I can work at my own speed and the classes are not too big."


    Marquell L … "Classes are all on the computer and I work at my own pace and I get lots of time alone to concentrate."


    Kimberly… "I LOVE IT!! I can focus better on my work."


    Jaylon… "It's really laid back. I can work at my own pace and take breaks when I need them. I LOVE the small setting."


    Emaiszah... "I can work at my own pace and I seem to understand things much better."


    David... "I think it’s a great program to help kids graduate.  It’s a second chance to help fix mistakes."


    Malik... “I like that I can see my grades."


    Jamar... “It allows me to work at my own pace."