A Day Made Better - Mr. Robson

  • A Day Made Better

    Mr. Robson


    On October 2, 2012 our fourth grade teacher Mr. Robson was presented with an award through the OfficeMax® A Day Made Better program. Mr. Robson was nominated for this award by the school Principal Mrs. Laura Harris. OfficeMax® joined with AdoptAClassroom.org to create A Day Made Better: A one-day event that awards more than 1,000 teachers with over $1,000 in school supplies, and brings attention to the issue of teacher-funded classrooms. October 2, 2012 marked the sixth anniversary of this program. Over the last five years OfficeMax® has been able to surprise over 5,500 teachers with a new chair, loads of classrooms supplies and the recognition they so richly deserve.

    Congratulations Mr. Robson! This was a highly deserved award.  The staff and students at E.C.C. #61 appreciate all of your hard work and dedication each and everyday!