Character Counts at Discovery

  • Character education is a key component in the comprehensive development of our students.  A different character trait is emphasized each month.  Two students from each homeroom who best exemplify the trait are chosen as Student of the Month. They are honored with a certificate and a pizza party and their pictures are displayed on the Student of the Month bulletin board.

    Abbott's Gator Traits by Month:

    September: Respect - treating others as you would want to be treated by being polite, kind, and fair

    October: Responsibility - taking care of one's self and others; being responsible for all decisions/actions

    November: Citizenship - Respectful devotion to one's country and community

    December: Compassion/Caring - showing gentleness, goodness of heart, compassion, and friendliness

    January: Commitment - pledging to carry out some action until you reach your goal

    February: Honesty/Integrity - acting according to what is right

    March: Cooperation - working together for a common purpose

    April: Perseverance - never giving up

    May: Self Control - being in control of your words, actions, emotions, and behaviors

    June: Courage - being brave when scared; doing the right thing when others want you to do wrong