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  • Welcome back to school!

    We have had a great beginning to our first grade school year!  Thank you to all the parents who sent in classroom supplies.  It is so nice that each child in our room has the materials that they need in order to be successful.  
    With cold and flu season right around the corner, any extra disinfecting wipes and tissues that can be sent in would be greatly appreciated.

    Some parents have asked about our first grade homework.  
    Homework is assigned on Monday and is due on Friday.  If your child completes any homework during the week, they can hand it in, and I will check it.  Homework is assigned to reinforce the learning that we do during the day.  Help your child manage homework time by doing a little bit each night, or on nights when your child isn't already involved in an extra-curricular activity.  
    Each week, your child will bring home a book log.  Please spend time EVERY NIGHT reading with your child.  It is very important that you or your child write the title and author of the book on the book log.  Each child will need to read 25 books before the end of first grade.
    This school year we will continue our hard work in becoming better readers.  Please help your child with this by reading to your child, with your child and "by" your child.  That is, have your child read to you. 
    Here are some suggestions:
    Monday - read the story TO your child
    Tuesday - read the story WITH your child (share pages, have your child echo you while you read, ask questions about the story to your child)
    Wednesday - have your child read the story to you
    Thursday - read the story together
    If you are unsure about what questions to ask, here are some suggestions:
    1. Who is the main character in this story?
    2.  What is this story mostly about (the main idea)?
    3.  Did the main character have a problem?
    4.  How did the main character solve the problem?
    5.  What happened first, next, last?
    AND AS ALWAYS: Please make sure that your child is doing homework as assigned and help to remind your child to turn it in when coming to the classroom.