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              To provide for all students a quality education in a structured, organized learning environment that maximizes teaching time and promotes student achievement and responsibility.


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              October 19th, 2020 


              Good Morning Parents/ Guardians of School 81,

              Please see the below schedule for a 2nd pick up of instructional materials.  Items will include instructional packets for younger learners, math workbooks for older students as well as a copy of 1st quarter progress reports.


              All pick up times are 11 to 1 during lunch distribution.

              Friday, Oct. 23rd – 3rd & 4th Grade


              Monday, Oct. 26th – Pre-K (Pre-K Window pick up) / Kindergarten / Mrs. Amico/ Maurer 

              Wednesday, Oct. 28th – 1st Grade / Kindergarten  

              Friday, October 30th – 1st Grade /  2nd Grade or Pre-K to 4 that may still need to pick up items.  


              Monday, Nov. 2nd   -   5th & 6th Grade

              Wednesday, Nov. 4th - 7th & 8th Grade

              Friday, Nov. 6th -  Remaining 5 to 8


              On Wednesday, October 21st at 4PM to 4:40 School 81 administration will hold an informational zoom meeting for parents interested in Parent Teacher Organization, roles of parents within the district and share positives and challenges of online learning.

               Topic: PS81 SBMT Meeting

              Time: Oct 21, 2020 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

              Join Zoom Meeting


              Meeting ID: 744 0889 4317

              Passcode: SBMT



              October 1st, 2020


              Dear Parents/ Guardians,

              We would like to thank you for your ongoing patience, support and flexibility in this challenging school year of remote learning.  It has been great to see so many of you at our lunch distribution days M, W, F 11AM to 1PM.  October is always a great time for schools and we want to remind you of the following dates that even if we apart, students can still show their 81 school spirit. 


              October is National Bullying Prevention Month where we bring an increased awareness to the prevention of bullying.  Our students annually participate in the below:


              Students, would you like to be on the School 81 website?  Here is how: 

              • Students, show your 81 Spirit on any of the following days you choose.
              • Email us your photo along with the media release attached/ signed by a parent Media Release into your classroom teacher or Ms. Cobbs, Mr. Shepherd, Mr. Klaich.   


              Friday, October 2nd – Wear your red, white and blue in support of the Buffalo Bills

              Monday, October 5thBlue Shirt Day or Dress for Success

              Tuesday, October 13th – Career Day – Dress as your future profession.

              Wednesday, October 21st – Wear Orange to Celebrate Unity

              Friday, Oct. 23 to 30 – Wear Red for Red Ribbon Week

              Friday, Oct. 30th – Harvest Day/ Halloween Costume



              Finally, continue to check our School 81 website for updates.  The School 81 homepage under Our School and Quick Links has important information such as contact emails to School 81 staff.




              Mr. Klaich                                           Ms. Cobbs                                           Mr. Shepherd

              Principal                                              Asst. Principal                                     Asst. Principal




              School 81 Lunch Distribution Days – Scheduled pick up of items

              September - MWF - 11AM until 1PM


              Pick up of items will occur at the main office door.






              Labor Day – No School


              Pre-K , K and 1 – Instructional packets

              Previous year materials




              Pre-K,  K and 1 – Instructional packets

              Previous year materials




               2nd & 3rd grade pick up of materials. 


               5th & 6th grade pick up of materials.






               4th grade pick up of materials.


              7/8th grade pick up of materials.




               7/8th grade pick up of materials.



               Pre-K to 8 – remaining students.





               Pre-K to 8 – remaining students.

              August 26th, 2020

              Dear Parents/ Guardians of School 81,


              We hope this letter finds you and your family well. 

              As you know Buffalo Public Schools is opening the school year fully remote.  In our two virtual meetings on August 21st we reviewed some of the following information on how school will open online this year.

              During the week of September 1st to 4th your child’s homeroom teacher will be contacting you to review the following items.

              • The homeroom teacher will ask you a series of questions regarding best contact information, wifi access, device at home needs etc.
              • What the schedule looks like for September 8th, the first day of online learning and how to log on to Microsoft Teams.

              Other Scheduling Info:

              • The homeroom teacher is your first point of contact for online learning.
              • Schedules for grades 5 to 8 will be available through a robo email/ and posted to our School 81 website.
              • If you use Parent Portal, schedule and roster information can be found when you log in.


              Please be aware of the following additional information. 

              School 81 will begin lunch distribution on Wednesday, September 9th between 11am until 1pm.

              • Parents/ Students that were unable to pick up supplies left in the classroom last year can pick up items on this day.
              • Graduated 8th grade students or other students that ordered a yearbook last year may pick one up.
              • Current Grade 5 to 8 Students can pick up a student agenda that can help with organization.
              • School folders and instructional packets for younger students will also be available for students.  
              • Further instructional supplies like textbooks/ workbooks will be scheduled for future pickup days.


              Thank you,

              Mr. Klaich

              Ms. Cobbs

              Mr. Shepherd

              August 26th, 2020
              Dear Parents/ Guardians of Grades 5 to 8 Students,
              The below are student schedules for Homerooms for Grades 5 to 8 that you can reference for your child.  Buffalo Public Schools follows a 6 day - Letter Day A to F.  Your teacher will also be communicating with you on the times they will be available for live instruciton and office hours during online learning.  The homeroom teacher is your first point of contact for school related questions and also daily attendance.  

              7th Grade - 321


              8th Grade - 300

              8th Grade - 303

              8th Grade - 305


              Letter Day Calendar for 2020-21 Letter Day Calendar



              School 81


              August 17th, 2020


              Dear Pre-K Parents/ Guardians,


              September is soon approaching and with it comes the beginning of your child’s school year in Pre-K at School 81.  Children who have been accepted for Pre-K have been sent acceptance letters from the Student Placement Office.


              Due to the circumstances, as students are assigned to teacher classrooms, your child’s Pre-K teacher will be calling you by September 2nd to gather pertinent information about your child. Your child’s teacher will then follow up with information explaining everything you need to know for your child to have a successful year in Pre-K.


              More information will be forthcoming from the district, please continue to check the BPS webpage regarding virtual public forums as well as reopening plan information. We look forward to meeting all of you and to an exciting, safe and successful school year.


              Please find enclosed a school supply list for a typical school year in Pre-K.  We ask that you do wait until the district announces a re-opening plan before purchasing.  We also realize it may be difficult to find or secure all items on the list, please do your best and do not spend extended time in stores searching for items during this time; your health and safety are a top priority.   


              Thank you for choosing School 81.


              Mrs. Pliszka

              Miss Brauer

              Mrs. Evert

              Mrs. Kyle

              Pre-K Teachers

              School 81 admin




               June 17th, 2020



              Dear 8th Grade Graduates of School 81,



              The 2019-2020 school year has truly been unprecedented as across the country school closures began in mid-March due to the novel coronavirus and did not allow for school communities to properly say their goodbyes, congratulate students in person or hold end of year celebrations. 


              One thing is certain however, everyone will remember the Class of 2020. Please know while we cannot be together; we are so proud of you.  We are currently living through a very unique time not only in U.S. History; but World History with the Covid-19 pandemic & nation/ world-wide protests for equal justice.  While this is certainly a valley; a tumultuous time in our history, our hope is that we can overcome this adversity and reach that mountain top together, creating a more just and equal world for all. 


              We will know that we are past this difficult time when you come back and visit us at School 81 and share all of the great things you are doing in high school.  We hope you will come back and share your educational and life pursuits with us.  We know you will go on and make us proud at School 81 as you are part of a great tradition of academic excellence at Buffalo Public School 81. 


              We congratulate you on reaching this milestone in your life and more importantly the hard work, determination and focus that led to this achievement.  The 8th grade graduation truly marks the end of your time as an elementary student; we know you are ready. 


              Part of our speech annually is the following: “The adversity and challenges in our lives; you cannot allow them to become roadblocks, you must work through them and overcome them.”  We do not think this can be more true under our current circumstances. What encourages us is the great resolve, sacrifice and enthusiasm of our 8th grade graduates that will take this time in our lives to find their way to be productive citizens and contribute to our communities, now and in the years ahead. 


              Congratulations to the 8th Grade Class of 2020!



              Nicholas Klaich                                  Denise Cobbs                                      Ryan Shepherd



              April 22nd, 2020


              Dear Parents/ Guardians,


              Thank you to all that came to School 81 yesterday and today to pick up Ipads/ Laptops and instructional materials for your child.  We greatly appreciate your patience on Tuesday as you could see it took quite a while to process all of the laptops accordingly for the number of families that came to the school. 

              If you were unable to come please see below some of the instructional packets that were available by grade level.  The packets provide a wide variety of learning tasks that should help your child during this time of school closure.  Continue to reach out to your classroom teacher via email, schoology and other online platforms.  If you were unable to pick up an ipad/ laptop on 4/21 or 4/22 the district will make future arrangements for another opportuntiy to pick up a device in the near future at a location to be determined.


              Pre K Pre K instructional materials

              K instructional packet

              1st Grade Grade 1 instructional packet

              2nd Grade Grade 2 instructional packet

              3rd Grade Grade 3 instructional packet

              4th Grade Grade 4 packet

              4th Grade part 2 Grade 4 part 2

              5th Grade Grade 5 instructional packet

              6th Grade Grade 6 instructional packet

              7th Grade Grade 7 instructional packet

              8th Grade Grade 8 instructional packet



              Thanks again and be safe.


              Mr. Klaich

              Ms. Cobbs

              Mr. Shepherd




              March 17th, 2020 

              As you know, this is an unusual time that Buffalo, the country and the world are facing with the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus.  Please be aware that there are several instructional materials available on the BPS website and School 81 website during this extended closure until April 20th.  Our students have access to the following websites and instructional materials. 


              Grades 2 to 4 - Reflex Math at  https://www.reflexmath.com/

              Grade K to 8 students - Myon - online Library of books - see the link on School 81 page for directions to log into MYON through BPS clever app. Clever App 

              Grade 1 to 8 students - Mobymax - Math skills - is also available through BPS clever app.

              Various grades- Prodigy - Math skills - Prodigy 

              Grades 1 to 8 students - Lexia - ELA skills - is also available through the BPS clever app.

               Scholastic  - See the link to scholastic for online books and activities for grades 1 to 6.   www.scholastic.com/learnathome  



              Please see the link for Parent Resources under our "Quick Links" on the right side of our webpage.  There are several links to common core ELA and Math support and Khan Academy on how best to support your child during this extended closure.  Please also see the first file under "Releated Files" for Parent & Family Resources specific to COVID-19.  Parent and Family Resources COVID-19.  There is also a suggested daily schedule posted.  Daily at home schedule


              We certainly look forward to the time when our students and parents can return to School 81 under more normal circumstances.  Until then please follow Erie County Health Dept. & CDC guidelines during this time, social distancing and good hygiene are best during this time.





              Mr. Nicholas Klaich

              Ms. Denise Cobbs

              Mr. Ryan Shepherd




                                                                        School 81 -  A School In Good Standing - Pre-K to Grade 8 - 9:00AM to 3:30PM


              We would like to thank our School 81 community for another great school year.  Parents/ Guardians thank you for your ongoing support of School 81 and entrusting us with your child's education.  Students thank you for your hard work and focus throughout the school year.  Teachers and school staff thank you for your dedication to the students of School 81.  We hope all have a safe and happy summer with your families.   


              As we look ahead to the 2019-20 school year, there is much to be excited and proud of at School 81.


              • School 81 increased 16 spots in Buffalo Business First Rankings for Middle Schools and 9 spots for Elementary Schools.  This ranking is based on our NYS assessment scores in 2017-18 and the past 4 years.  


              • School 81 Elementary and Middle school continues to be a top 10 performer among Buffalo public, charter and private schools in the City of Buffalo according to Buffalo Business First Rankings.  


              • This school year all students in grades 3 to 8 will have access to a laptop/ IPad during the school day.


              • Students in Pre-K to 2 will have IPad learning centers within the classroom.


              • Our 6th grade students are entering their 3rd year in Global Scholars Program. Last year,  students had the opportunity to skype with classrooms in France and South Korea during the school year.  


              • Our green space in the back of our school building was fully utilized this Spring/ Summer for our annual Field Day and outdoor play/ recess.
              Educational Program Highlights
              Ipads learning centers in Pre-K to 2 
              1 to 1 Ipads for grades 3 to 8
              Global Scholars in Grade 6
              National Junior Honor Society
              Boys & Girls Basketball 
              Track & Cross Country
              Technology Club
              PBIS School - Roar Tickets
              Flag Football Club
              Girl Scouts
              STAR Math K to 4
              Myon - Online Library of Books
              Lexia - ELA skill building
              Reflex Math grades 2 to 4
              Magic Penny in Kindergarten
              Vocal and Instrumental Music
              School 81 writing initiative
              YMCA partner for after school program
              Student Support Team


              Principal - Mr. Klaich

              Assistant Principal - Grades Pre-K to 4 - Ms. Cobbs

              Assistant Principal - Grades 5 to 8 - Mr. Shepherd

              Phone - 816-4060

              140 Tacoma Ave. 

              Buffalo, N.Y. 14216

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