Behavior Expectations Matrix

  •                Southside Elementary #93 Behavior Expectations Matrix




     Hallway &





     Assembly &

    Field Trips



     Before &

    After School



    Listen carefully to our peers without interrupting

    Raise Hand and wait to be called on

    Follow class rules

    Be accepting of others

    Respect others   privacy

    Keep bathroom clean


    Respect others space

    Avoid physical  contact

    Practice good    manners

    Observe lunchtimes

    Clean up after yourself

    Follow bus rules

    Listen to bus driver and bus aide

    Take good care of books

    Follow directions of adults in charge

    Listen to speaker

    Follow cues to begin assembly

    Listen to adult   directions

    Follow directions of all adults


    Come prepared with needed materials

    Hand in homework

    Stay on task

    Be on time

    Use pass

    Observe proper time limits

    Keep locker neat and clean

    Wait your turn in line

    Have your lunch card ready

    After breakfast, report to your homeroom

    Take care of your belongings

    Keep bus clean

    Know your bus number

    Keep tables and chairs orderly

    Return books to proper spot and on time

    Stay with your assigned group

    Keep track of your coat and other belongings

    Assist in cleanup

    Be alert

    Stay silent

    Turn off/remove electronics/phones before entering the school

    Be on time


    Do your best

    Be courteous to your teachers and     classmates

    Report problems to an adult

    Pick up litter

    Close lockers quietly

    Walk to the right side of the hall

    Follow directions and signal for silence to end lunch

    Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

    Follow library rules and directions

    Use computers    correctly

    Follow rules of the place you are     visiting

    Use appropriate behavior and     applause

    Follow directions exactly

    Report directly to assigned area

    Remain on school grounds upon    arrival


    Be helpful

    Speak nicely and quietly by using positive words

    Watch time limits

    Speak nicely and quietly

    Wait your turn in line

    Speak nicely and quietly

    Wait your turn

    Speak nicely and quietly

    Speak nicely and quietly

    Be helpful

    Listen carefully

    Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

    Speak nicely to others

    Avoid noisy       behavior


    Keep hands, feet and objects to self

    Stay quiet

    Report to and stay in assigned area

    Practice cleanliness

    Report problems

    Keep hands feet and objects to self and off walls, posters, etc.

    Walk slowly

    Stay seated  throughout lunch

    Clean up

    Keep all food in café

    Get all food when you go through line

    Keep aisle clear

    Stay seated

    Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

    Stay quiet

    Line up orderly

    Report to / stay in assigned area

    Stay with assigned group and follow chaperone’s       directions

    Walk in an orderly fashion

    Leave quickly and quietly

    Report strangers to school staff

    Report to assigned area