School Information

    The West Hertel Facility

    West Hertel School was opened in 1968 in response to the growing population in the Buffalo School District. The school was renovated and enlarged in 2006.

    Today the school has 30 classrooms, some equipped with computers and television monitors. All computers are networked to the school’s well-equipped  Computer Lab.

    Our Library gives students access to more than 5,000 books and other reference materials. The building also includes a cafeteria that can accommodate 500 students at a time, 2 gyms, a pool, a community room and a 1000 seat Auditorium.

    The school building is available as a meeting place for community groups, and it is used for this purpose approximately 25 times each month during non-school hours.

    Academic Programs
    Academic achievement remains  our goal at West Hertel, with students regularly attempting to meet or exceed state performance standards as measured by the New York State Achievement Test. (ELA and Math)
    Test results are used to identify students who need extra support and are also integrated into the school’s planning process to help develop and enhance programs to improve student learning.

    All curriculum areas are benchmarked against the New York Learning Standards and the Buffalo School Districts 3 year plan for student achievement.