Mrs. Phinney's 7th & 8th Grade Platoon Teacher

                     Welcome to Mrs. Phinneys' 7th &8 th Grade Classroom Website!
    Hi! I am Mrs.Phinney. I am the 7th & 8th grade Special Education Teacher. I specifically teach Science and one Social Studies Class to some students.  If your child is in my class, they are part of a platoon. That simply means that they are departmentalized and have different teachers for each subject. This is a wonderful program we have initiated at West Hertel with our Junior High Special Classes.  All of my classes are held in room 235.   
    Our weekly goal is for all students to understand and work on their individual educational goals.  
    West Hertel Big Rocks
    Increase Proficiency In Literacy
    Increase Proficiency In Numeracy
    Criteria For Success