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    Course Objective:

                    * To teach the basics of personal finance.

                    * Students will learn how to save money, avoid scams and become wealthy.

                    * This course is a College Style course – with strict deadlines and lots of lecture notes.

                    * Each student will be set up with a FREE Checking or Savings Account (if you do not already have one).


    Chapter Topics

                    1) Stocks & Bonds

                                    * Students learn in detail how the stock market works.

                    2) Retirement Savings

                                    * Students learn how to save for retirement with IRA’s 401(k)’s and Mutual Funds.

                    3) Credit

                                    * Students learn how to establish good credit and stay out of credit card debt.

                    4) Insurance

                                    * Students learn the basics about: Auto, Home, Renters and  Life Insurances.

                    5) Home & Auto Purchasing

                                    * Students learn how to negotiate the lowest prices on houses and cars.

                    6) Taxes

                                    * Students learn about income taxes and how to file your taxes for free.



    Homework & Classwork

                    * Students are given a Homework-Package for each chapter.

                    * The package is due on the day of the chapter test – in the beginning of class (not by the end of the day).

                    * NO LATE HOMEWORK IS ACCEPTED – you will get an automatic 0% on all late assignments.

                    * If you are absent on the due date of any homework assignment – it will still be an automatic 0% grade reduction.

                    * Classwork can only be completed in class.  

                    * If you are not in class – you will receive an automatic 0% on all classwork assignments.



                    * There are 10 total tests (5 in each quarter).

                    * If you miss a test you will receive an automatic 0% - no excuses – no make-ups!


    Attendance Bonus (on top of your quarter average)

                    0 absences            = 10 points on your quarter average                                                               


                    1-5 absences         = 5 points on your quarter average



                    * You are seniors about to graduate – I will treat you like adults not babies – therefore you are expected to act like adults.


    Grading                Tests                       =              50%       

                                    Homework            =              25%       

                                    Classwork             =              25%



    * 3 or 5 Subject Spiral Notebook (College Ruled).

                    * No 3 ring binders or any other notebooks will be accepted!

                    * Get a new notebook – do not just use the rest of an old notebook.

                    * This notebook must be for ECONOMICS ONLY – do not use it for other subjects too.

                    * If you do not have a spiral notebook you will get a 0% on all notebook grades.


    * Ink Pen

                    * I do not give out pens to students – that is your responsibility.

                * I do sell pens for $.25 (all funds are donated to the Buffalo City Mission).


    I hereby agree to all terms and conditions stated in this course outline and accept all responsibilities for my actions.


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