Welcome to Miss Kajfasz's Webpage

The main purpose for this Web site is to keep students and parents informed of all the events and assignments happening in class. Some notes for the class are also posted. This Web site is also to help students review for the New York State Algebra 2 Common Core Exam coming up in June. Please feel free to explore my Web site. I hope you find my resources helpful!

Read aloud everyday
" I CAN pass!"
" I CAN pass!"
" I CAN pass!"

Parent Portal is available to view your student's grades and attendance. You can access Parent Portal from the Buffalo Public School's Webpage. 


Remind Safe Free Messaging App or Webpage
Students and parents are able to sign up for free! I send out messages about homework assignments, upcoming quizzes, test and notebook checks. Students and parents can also send me private messages. Phone numbers are NOT exchanged!

Class Codes:
Algebra 2: @kajfasza2
Pre Calculus: @kajfaszpc

Miss Kajfasz
Office Hours (for extra help): Before school Tuesday and Thursday 7:45 am - 8:15 am
***(Prior notice is needed to obtain a pass to come into the school early)***
E-mail: kkajfasz@buffaloschools.org