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    The Story of Our Class Mascot, Mr. Patty G. Schwab
    by Joe Maye IV

    Patty G. Schwab was a young Irishman that was born on December 12, 1985. He lived in Ireland at the capital Dublin. Later in life, he moved to Buffalo, New York. Overall, he did well in school and eventually graduated from McKinley High School. He later found a job working at the printing company, Flexo-T in South Buffalo. He worked for a while, but then later he was asked to watch over some radioactive ink that had to be disposed of. As he was overlooking the ink on some scaffolding, the structure broke and Patty fell right into the ink. He came back up to the surface feeling nothing, but all of a sudden, his body began to react to the ink by making him smaller and smaller. He began to grow more body hair, grew a pair of horns and his insides were turned into fluffy stuff. Patty was so ashamed by his figure that he hid away in McKinley High's shop area.
    No one has ever heard from him since, but no one really knows that Mr. Melville had found him. When Mr. Melville found Patty he asked him "Do you want to hang around in my shop?" Patty agreed but soon realized he'd made a very big mistake! Now Patty G. Schwab is hanging around the Printing classroom for a very long time.

    Welcome Back Students!!!

    Welcome back to another year of Printing at McKinley High. 2021-2022 should be fun and with field trips to industry & education, everyone should plan on learning a lot about the printing processes. We'll be diving into some hands-on projects soon, so get ready to learn!

    Career and Technical Writing Portfolio

    Below are four sample articles to be used for your technical writing requirements. See me if you have any questions on this mandatory requirement.

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