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Hablar Dos Lenguas Es Un Privilegio: Toma La Iniciativa

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I am excited for this school year and hope that you are too.  My hope for this year is that you would be motivated to learn Spanish not only for a grade but also for life-long use.  I am here to teach you my first language and hope that you would be motivated to continue on to other levels of  study of the language. 

I have created this page in an effort to provide you with the opportunity to be successful in the Spanish class you are currently taking.  Click on the link for your particular class.  You will be able to find vocabulary list, class notes, projects, power points and other activities.

Buena Suerte
!!! (Good Luck!!!)

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Final Examination Dates:
Checkpoint A (Spanish 1) June 19th @ 8:15 am
Checkpoint B (Spanish 3) June 19th @ 12:15 pm


New York State Standards for Languages Other Than English:

Standard 1:  Communication

  • Students will be able to use a language other than English for communication.

Key Idea: LISTENING & SPEAKING are primary communicative goals in modern language learning. These skills are used for the purposes of socializing, providing and acquiring information, expressing personal feelings and opinions, and getting others to adopt a course of action.

Standard 2:  Culture

  • Students will develop cross-cultural skills and understanding

Key Idea: EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION involves meanings that go beyond words and require an understanding of perceptions, gestures, folklore, and family and community dynamics. All of these elements can affect whether and how well a message is received.             

Learning Strategy:  How to be a successful language-learner

•    Learning to speak another language can be fun and exciting.  Many successful language-learners share certain basic characteristic.  Read the following statements to determine why these particular traits are useful in language learning.

1.    Students who are excited about learning Spanish do better than students  
       who are indifferent.  
2.    Students who are not afraid of speaking Spanish lean more than students
       who are reluctant to speak.
3.    Students who take risks progress more rapidly than students who are
4.    Students who accept that uncertainty and inconsistency are a part of
       learning a language learn at a faster rate.

Whether or not you possess these traits, you can lean to communicate well in Spanish.






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