The Middle Early College High School  mission is to create lifelong learners who possess the skills, confidence and knowledge to meet the challenges of high school and college and ensure upon graduation that students will flourish and contribute to a global society.

    MECHS is In partnership with Buffalo State College, Erie Community College, and the Middle College National Consortium.
    Middle Early College High School is a high school program in which students are dual-enrolled in high school and local colleges in the community.  Successful students in the program graduate with a high school diploma and an Associates degree or college credits towards a degree.  Admission is through the District Choice Process, along with an interview of parents, students and MECHS staff members.  

    MECHS students must commit to a four-week summer program. The students begin their college classes in the 10th grade and increase the number of classes each year, until their 12th year, when they are full-time college students.  The students are dual-enrolled in high school and college, which enables them to receive dual credit for many of the courses in which they are enrolled.