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    About Our Program

    Students have an opportunity to participate in unique programming each afternoon for two hours that is combination between academics, including Regents review and enrichment.  Students work on academics, teachers provide extra help in the areas of Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science.  Students will also engage in health & wellness and positive youth development activities daily. 

    Academic Courses:

    The purpose of the program being broken up into two sections is to utilize our resources to target instruction to specific groups of students.  The first session will run October 16th – January 16th and the second session will run February 25th- June 13th. Classes will be offered Monday-Thursday from 3 – 5. We will primarily be focusing on math and ELA to improve our college and career readiness scores. Teachers, parents, and scores on previous assessments will be used to select students. Letters will be written and sent home to parents. Teachers will work together and monitor their instruction through common formative assessments.  The administration will review lesson plans, results on the DBA’s, and conduct informal observations to ensure program effectiveness.


    1. ELA I. 
    2. ELA II.
    3. ELA III.
    4. Algebra I.
    5. Living Environment
    6. Earth Science
    7. Global 10 & U.S. History

    Enrichment –

    Enrichment courses and activities will be offered as an extension of our focus and seminar classes, as well as providing students with college ready skills.

    It's Monday to Thursday 3-5
    Session 1
    Start Date:
    December 6, 2021
    End Date:
    Session 2
    Start Date:
    Feb. 25, 2020
    End Date:
    June13, 2020

    Weekly Schedule

    Day Hours Programming
    MONDAY  3:00-5:00  
    TUESDAY 3:00-5:00  
    WEDNESDAY  3:00-5:00  
    THURSDAY  3:00-5:00   

    Title I placement is recommended by grade level teachers.  Any student is welcome to attend the program.