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    The Buffalo Public School District is committed to providing families and staff with updates on COVID-19, commonly referred to as Coronavirus. The health and safety of our community is a shared responsibility that is always our top priority. As you know, the situation with the COVID-19 Coronavirus is rapidly evolving.


    BPS STAFF COVID-19 Reporting

    As of January 12, 2022, The Buffalo Public School District has launched a Portal for staff to report COVID-19 documentation to the District, by using an online form.  Please click the blue button below to report your COVID documentation:


    click here


    BPS COVID-19 Daily Report

    The Buffalo Public School District will provide data on incidents reported amognst our students and staff, as per Governor Hocul's guidelines. Please click the yellow button below for details.


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    COVID-19 Dashboard

    The New York State COVID-19 dashboard below provides data on positive cases of students and staff within the Buffalo Public Schools. To find BPS’s data, click on "Public Schools"... then in the search box type “BUFFALO CITY SD” and click search to view the information. 


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    Erie County COVID-19 Information for Schools

    The BPS District collaborates with the Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH) on all positive COVID-19 cases involving students and staff. All contact tracing is done through the ECDOH. If you and or your child(ren) are impacted by a positive case, you will be contacted by a ECDOH contact tracer. If the ECDOH indicates that there is anything further that needs to occur at the District level, we will updated the community accordingly. 

    ECDOH School Reopening Guidance

    **To comply with health privacy regulations, no identifying information will be shared about a person who tests positive for COVID-19.



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