• Welcome to Kindergarten at Frederick Law Olmsted!


    Welcome to Kindergarten




           Hello families!!! I am so EXCITED that you are a part of my class this coming school year! Kindergarten is such a fun and exciting time! This year will be a little different for everyone and it is a learning experience, but working together we will make the best of it. It is important for your child starts out on the right foot, please make sure he/she gets enough sleep every night and is up on time for school every day! Please also make sure that they establish and stick with a routine so it will make for an easier transition when we can hopefully go into the building. Let them open a lunch box and practice doing things independenlty-zipping, tying, opening and closing things. Have a set area for them to work and for breaks. I look forward to this upcoming school year and to working with you as a team.





    ~ Mrs. Vishion


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