Windows 8.1 Tablet

  • Getting started tutorial for Windows:

                                                                   Acer Tablets 8.1

    Introduction to staff at CPT or individual training sessions:

    1-Ergon  Power Shuttle cart:

    A-Tablet removal and storage on cart  Service tag # and the number system  # 1-30

    B-  Demonstrate charging of tablets ac-adapter on cart

    C- Demonstrate Ethernet cable and plug into network drop- BPS

    D-Cart doors-Front, top and Back 1 key

    2- Ad Login Procedure 

    A- From start up menu press Ctrl/Alt

    B-login using ad username and password

    C-login cycle 2-3 min. for each device for the first time (staff and students)

    3-Home Start Screen

     A-Home Screen Button  demonstrate toggle between Tiles

    B-Tiles display how to arrange, name and remove

    C-Demo touch screen to navigate from Tiles to Apps mode

     D-Swipe in from right hand side to access Charms- settings BPS network, Start , search for apps

     E-Swipe the left-hand edge of the screen inwards to cycle through the apps that are currently   running

     F- Demo procedure to  pin an App  to taskbar or start menu (show desktop)

      Ex. Word or Excel

    G-If you plan to use the store for Apps you will to create a Microsoft Account

    H-  To search for Apps from Tiles  just type the app name   swipe up app and type name in search bar or search Apps by moving left to right on touch screen

      I-To search for  Apps   swipe up  and type name in search bar or search Apps by moving left to right on touch screen

    4- Direct staff to locate H Drive

    5-Provide example of saving a file  to Hdrive , or usb ports : D drive

    If you plan to use a  USB port: I would only recommend using the USB port on keyboard  as compared to connecting  USB drive via the Dongle on the side of the  Tablet.

    6-Apps: Office 2013, Comic Life, Sticky Notes, Movie Maker, Camera, Google Earth,

    7-Log off procedure-tap home button and Sign out under your name from the Start Menu



    10-Tablet sign out