New York State Department of Education - Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

  • To foster equity, the New York State ESSA plan:

    • addresses disparities in training for teachers to help them be effective in the classroom;
    • provides students more access to rigorous high school coursework;
    • makes schools equally welcoming environments for all students;
    • increases fiscal transparency in school building spending; and,
    • uses multiple measures to allow students to demonstrate proficiency in state learning standards.

    Every student includes English language learners, students with disabilities, low-income students, neglected and delinquent youth, migrant students, homeless students, and students in rural districts where sparse population density creates its own challenges.

    ESSA includes a wide array of programs that are designed to help to ensure success for students and schools.  These programs provide schools and districts with resources focused on meeting the needs of students, parents and families, teachers, and school leaders.