• Staff ID Access Cards



    (Last Updated: 4/17/2023)


  • 1.) I got my picture taken at my school/building location. When will I receive my new ID access card?

  • 2.) My location changed from where I originally got my picture taken. What should I do?

  • 3.) How do I tell if the ID access card I have is a NEW or OLD access card?

  • 4.) I am a new employee OR I lost my new ID access card. What do I do?

  • 5.) I lost my old ID access card and my building is not on the new system yet according to the schedule. Can I replace it?

  • 6.) I missed both opportunities to get my photo taken at my building. Are there regularly scheduled hours at a central location where I can go to get my photo taken and/or ID access card printed?

  • 7.) I need to change my name or photo on my ID access card. How can I do this?

  • 8.) Will the new system work with logging me into ExecuTime?

  • 9.) My new ID access card doesn't work on the copiers. How do I resolve this?

  • 10.) I need to be able to enter the building either very early in the day or after normal school hours. Will my ID access card be able to be programmed to accommodate these hours?

  • 11.) I work in multiple buildings. Will my ID access card be programmed for all the locations I work in?

  • 12.) I am a substitute teacher. What will my ID access card allow me to do? 

  • 13.) There is a swipe on my private office door, and my new ID access card doesn't work on it. Can this be resolved?

  • 14.) If the elevator swipe control is on in a building, how will elevator cards work for students?

  • 15.) How can I stay up to date on ID access card questions/answers and protocols?



  • I do not have a BPS employee ID number. I work for an organization that is contracted by BPS. When will I be able to take a photo and receive an ID access card?


    We will continue to provide more information and resources on this page as they become available. For a printable PDF version of these FAQs, please see below: