7th & 8th Grade Classroom Supply Lists


    7th and 8th Grade Boys/Girls Prep                      2014 -2015                              School Supply List

    English – Ms. Schreiber and Global Studies I – Mr. Heil

            (2) 2” – 3-Ring Binders

            (8) Dividers

            (4) Packages of index cards (3.5” x 5”)

            (4) Packs of 200 sheets loose leaf paper

            (4) Pocket folders – multi-colored

            24 Pens and Pencils

            (5) Spiral Notebooks (with 200 sheets of paper)

            (2) 1.5 inch ring binder (any color)

            (5) Highlighters (any color)

            (1) Combination Lock for Locker

            (1) Box of a 24 package of crayons

            (1) Box of 24 package of colored pencils

            (1) 5 pack of post-it notes


    Science - (Teacher - TBA)

            (2) Linear measuring devices (Plastic Rulers)

            (2) 3 Subject – Spiral Notebook

            (4) Pocket Folders with prongs

            (12) Pencils

            (12) Pens (Blue or Black)

            Scientific Calculator

            (2) Packages of 200 Sheet Loose-Leaf Paper

            (2) Boxes of Kleenex Tissue

            (1) large Bottle of Hand Sanitizer


    Spanish – Mrs. Bauman – 8th Grade Students Only

    (1)  Three ring binder

            (1) Package of 3x5, index cards

            (1) Pocked folder

            (1) English-Spanish dictionary 

     Math – Ms. Casey

     For the 2014-2015 school year, students should bring in $5.00 cash, and I will provide them with their supplies for math class.  By ordering in bulk, I was able to get quality supplies for less money.  If you feel that $5.00 is unreasonable you may buy your student the following supplies instead.

    • (1) 2 inch-3 ring binder
    • (4) Dividers
    • (1) pencil pouch
    • (12) Pencils (one box)
    • (2) pocket folders

    Students who bring in their money or supplies during the first week of school will receive 100% as part of a test grade to start the school year.  If you have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at your convenience.  Also, I will give students an extension to earn the 100% for a test grade, if they bring in a note from you (their parent/guardian) explaining the situation.