Drop Box

  • Use this Drop Box page to send files that are too large to attach to an email message. When uploading a file remember 3 things:
    1. the file name should be descriptive
      • good example - my_january_calendar.doc
      • bad example - a_calendar.doc
    2. include your name OR email address
    3. the file info should be descriptive
    • good example - Ima Teacher's January 2009 homework calendar
    • bad example - the calendar that we talked about at the last grade level meeting
    Q: How do I choose the file to upload?
    A: CLICK the BROWSE... button to find the file in the location that you saved it on your computer (usually the Desktop or My Documents Folder)

    Q: How do I upload the file?
    A: After you have found the file that you want to UPLOAD, the Browse for File box should now contain the name and location of the file on your computer. The last step is to CLICK the UPLOAD button. Remember that 1. the filename should be descriptive; 2. you have included your name or email address; 3. the file info should be descriptive.

    Q: How will I know that you have received the file?
    A: I will send you a confirmation email including the date sent/received, and file name.