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iTech Updates 2/12/09
What's New?
i-Safe Training for TISs and Library Media Specialists
On Wednesday, February 4th, participated in a certificate workshop facilitated by representatives from UB and Nardin Academy. i-Safe is an organization committed to education Internet users how to browse the web safely. By registering at and participating in the day long training, partipants are prepared to share the i-Safe curriculum with their colleagues and students. For a complete agenda of the day's topics, the file I-Safe Internet Training and Certification" will be available to download soon.

iTech Updates 1/21/09

Sending Mass [group] eMail

One of our colleagues had questions about Lotus Notes and sending messages to groups of individuals [mass email]. Essentially what you are doing is emailing to a "group" either created by you or one that you have identified in the Buffalo Address Book and added to your Address Book.

These directions are based on the client version of Lotus Notes which runs directly on your laptop or desktop PC. The steps are slightly different for the web-based version. Check back for an update to this post for those directions.

1. Mass email to all Notes Users

-create a new memo
-search for "notes" in Buffalo's Address Book
-HIGHLIGHT the Notes group(s) that you want to contact and CLICK the TO button
Email all Notes users
* you can also add the contact to your address book by HIGHLIGHTING one or more and then CLICKING on the little book icon (the version that you see in the images) or the COPY button

2. Mass email to all Guidance Counselors
-same process as above
* Note the multiple groups for Guidance
Email Gudance Counselors

3. Mass email to all School #37 Users

-same process as above
*be sure to click on the DETAILS...button to quickly browse the list of recipients for accuracy
Email School 37 Users
I hope this helps. Feel free to drop an email if you have questions, If you need me to walk you through it we can setup some time to get together.


iTech Updates 1/15/09...revised 1/19/09

Live Video Streams of Presidential Inauguration on the Web

Where to watch the inauguration:

CNN and CSPAN are two of many news agencies providing a live video stream of President Elect Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration. The IT Department is working on making a live feed available to all schools via the web If you are planning to watch the video with your students on the whiteboard, here are a few tips to get you up and running (this is assuming that you are using your laptop on which you are an administrator).
  • go to these links to update your Adobe Flash (version and Shockwave (version players
  • update to the latest version of Java (Recommended Version 6 Update 11)
    • while installing the Adobe products the Java updater will usually pop-up to alert you that a newer version is available

WNYRIC, the IT and PR departments all suggest the following viewing guidelines:

Given the historic significance of the Presidential Inauguration on Tuesday,
January 20, 2009 and the expected global potential usage of the Internet to view the ceremonies, the WNYRIC is recommending you, where possible, to please refrain from using the WNYRIC network to access the Internet to view theproceedings. The magnitude of this event, internally and with our districts (and globally), could have an unpredictable impact on our Internet access.

We suggest that schools use television broadcasts to view the ceremonies within their buildings.

Please be alerted the high Internet demand of this event may cause Internet
slowdown during that day, especially between 12:00-1:00 p.m., the scheduled
time of the Inaugural Address.

- source: - by Sharon Caher  last modified Jan 19, 2009 07:00 AM

Here's a partial list of links and sites for online vieiwng:

(Some direct links to the stream were not available on Sunday when this was posted.)

  • For CNN, go to this site or type in to conduct a test - do not wait until the morning of...
  • For CSPAN, go to this site or type in to conduct a test
  • The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, which is in charge of all the inaugural activities at the Capitol, will stream the entire event at its Web site, complete with closed captioning. The site has a wealth of information about what happens on Inauguration Day, including a handful of inaugural videos dating back to President Dwight Eisenhower's 1957 swearing-in ceremony, as well as videos of presidential luncheons dating back to the inauguration of John Kennedy. (It also reveals, for those interested, the recipe for Obama's luncheon meal, which features a main course of pheasant and duck served with sour cherry chutney.)
  • You'll find lots of places online to watch president-elect Barack Obama's inauguration on Tuesday.

    " CBS News will have day-long live coverage January 20 on TV and the Web, starting at 7 a.m. EDT. Katie Couric will also host a special Webcast that night with reporters and punditry, for which viewers can submit questions.

    " MSNBC will be live streaming the event on its home page and politics section, and visitors can embed the video into their own sites. Its inauguration page also features videos of inaugurations from decades past.

    " Fox News will provide live streaming coverage via Hulu beginning at noon for about two hours. After the live stream, Hulu will provide on-demand access to the ceremony. The live stream is embeddable, as is an inauguration countdown from Hulu. The video site's Obama Presidency page also features related content like speeches, commentary, satire, and past inaugural speeches.

    " C-SPAN will debut its Inauguration Hub on January 20, featuring an online "control room"--a multichannel grid designed by Mogulus with Webcasts of inauguration activities. Visitors will be able to choose from one of four live feeds featuring events like the swearing in at the Capitol, the parade, and a number of inaugural balls.

    " CNN is offering four streams on Tuesday. Because they are partnering with Facebook, this is not a sure bet for district viewing.

    " The New York Times, the AP's online video network, and the Online NewsHour will also live stream inauguration coverage.

  • see me ASAP if you have any problems
Computer Guy
Special Note: for best results, use your ethernet cable to access the internet directly from the wall jack. A wireless connection will drive you nuts. If you need an ethernet cable see me ASAP.


iTech Updates 1/14/09

Lab Calendar Goes Digital

Effective February 1, 2009, the sign-up sheets for computer lab use will no longer be posted outside the doors to rooms 203 and 200. All requests to reserve the computer lab in room 203 and the LMC will be done online. A handout detailing the process will be attached to this page by Friday, January 16, 2009.
Hardware Upgrades Coming to Futures Academy
IT technicians have been working in the building the last two weeks to install new hardware. Two of these installations will greatly effect the way we do things at Futures. The first is building-wide [pervasive] wireless access points to replace the limited and sometimes buggy wireless access that we have now. The second is the installation of new switches in the wiring cabinets. When the switches are in place, you should see a noticeable speed boost when using the web. Especially when in the lab or LMC and multiple computers are being used. You will also see a difference when streaming video.
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