ELA 3 thru 6 Training Materials

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Listening to the audio files:
Each audio file is in .mp3 format and can be played through the media player directly below each question. Or DOWNLOADED, opened and played using a media player on the computer. iTunes and Quicktime are examples of media players available.

Using the media player:
Moving from left to right the media player consists of a volume control button/slider, a play/pause button, a slider to move backward or forward through the audio file, a pair of buttons that allow you to pause and SCROLL though the audio file and a button which opens a MENU giving you the opportunity to SAVE the file to the DESKTOP, Document FOLDER, a FLASH DRIVE, or your H Drive located on the NETWORK. To listen to a file SINGLE-CLICK on the play button. If the media player doesn't appear on your MONITOR, refer to the instructions for listening to the audio above.

Grade 3

Question 21 [13m 04s]
 "The Snowman's Gift"
Question 26 [10m 01s]
 "A Fine Day For a Walk"

Question 27 [12m 08s]
"A Fine Day For a Walk"

Question 28 [14m 58s]
Editing Task Scoring Clarifications

Grade 4
Questions 29, 30, 31 [19m 39s]
 Grade 4 Listening Cluster

Questions 32, 33, 34, 35 [20m 45s]
 Grade 4 Reading Cluster

"From Tadpole to Frog"
"Butterfly House"

Questions 31 and 35 [27m 25s]
Grade 4 Writing Mechanics Cluster

b>Grade 5
Question 21 [11m 00s]
 "Tell Me Again"
Question 26 [11m 23s]
 "Peach Basketball Game"

Question 27 [15m 38s]
"Editing Task Scoring Clarifications"

font size="3">Grade 6
Questions 27, 28, 29, 30  [20m 31s]
Listening Cluster

 "A Winning Heart"
Questions 31, 32, 33, and 34
Listening Cluster

 "Gold Fever"
 "A Gold Miners' Tale"

Questions 30 and 34
Writing Mechanics Cluster

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