• This professional development (PD) session is designed for novice, intermediate, and advanced computer users. In order to accommodate users of various levels there are two options available for participants.
    Building a Collaborative Knowledge Base
    PD session goal(s):

    • Make sure Firefox is installed correctly and is set as your default browser
    • Define internet forum
    • Describe how you might contibute to an internet forum
    • Become a registered member of the Waterfront forum
    • Search the forum for existing topics
    • Create a new forum topic
    • Make at least one post to any forum topic
    PD session resources:
    Note: all sessions will be held in the cafeteria.
    Novice Option
    If you don't feel quite ready to take off the training wheels, join this group. It will be the smaller of the two groups and should provide you with a little extra attention.

    Intermediate/Advanced Option
    If you feel comfortable enough to:
    Intermediate users should feel free to join the Novice group if they choose to
    • locate and launch applications from applications folder, desktop, etc.
    • manipulate multiple windows and/or applications
    • are able to setup a connection to a network printer
    • are willing and able to help a colleague when appropriate