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    You will find the presentations and documentation forms that I am using to be in compliance with DASA on this page.  The student presentations were done during all PE classes and the staff presentations were done the first faculty meeting of the school year.  The Kindness and Courage powerpoint runs as a slide show (I set it to music, which I am not sharing, due to possible copyright issues).  If you are going to use this, you will want to change the first slide (has "South Park" in the title) and the last slide, as it is a quote from South Park's alma mater.  Some of our lessons for compliance with DASA are included in our Safe and Civil Schools Common Area Lesson Plans, so I will include those here as well.  The videos that I refer to are as follows -1) You Tube Obama clip  regarding bullying, 2) Bully Bystanders: You Can Make a Difference (from Bonnie and Lisa  - Crisis Team), and 3) You Tube clip - How my son was bullied and humiliated by his teacher (shown to staff only).  Feel free to use what works for you and if you have questions, contact me. 

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