• Snack


            In a Montessori classrom, water and a nutritious snack are available all morning.  This provides your child with the energy he/she needs for concentration and the nutrients for learning. 

            When your child has snack week, it means that you will provide snack for the whole class for the week (18 children).  Your turn will probably occur three times during the year.  We enjoy healthy snacks!  Some suggestions are as follows:


    *     breadsticks with butter

    *     bagels with cream cheese

    *     rolls with jam

    *     crackers and cheese spread

    *     raisons

    *     yogurt

    *     granola cereal or granola bars

    *     muffins

    *     trail mix, pretzels

    *     graham crackers

    *     goldfish crackers

    *     vanilla wafers

    *     cucumbers, zucchini, carrots or celery with ranch dressing

    *     apples, oranges, pears, or bananas

    *     peaches, plums, melon

    *     grapes (seedless), strawberries, blueberries


    If you would like to bring in a special treat for your child’s birthday, please let me know ahead of time (a day or two before) so that I can plan on it.  Although cakes and cupcakes are pretty to look at, they really make a big mess and the children usually only lick off the frosting.  We can sing over cookies or rice crispies treats just as well or you can do one of the ideas above.  Thank you for your time!


                                        Mary and Craig