What do we do in speech?

  • What do we do in the speech-language classroom?

    Speech-language sessions are provided in small groups (maximum 5 students) or individual sessions for 30 minute periods, according to their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

    During speech, we will be working on many skills, including:

    • speech production/articulation/fluency (using clear speech understood by others)
    • receptive language (following directions, listening/understanding),
    • expressive language (vocabulary, grammar),
    • social/pragmatic language (conversation skills, taking turns),
    • phonological awareness skills (letter/sound knowledge).

    Speech rules/expectations:
    BE RESPECTFUL:      (1) Keep your eyes on the speaker/screen (to be a good listener),
                                  (2) Listen to friends and teachers (so you know what to do),
    BE RESPONSIBLE:    (3)Have a calm body: bottom in chair, feet on floor, head off table (do your best work),
    BE SAFE:                 (4) Keep your hands, feet & all objects to yourself (so everyone can be safe).


    Rewards for following speech expectations/satisfactory effort:

    • Class Dojo Point
    • speech point
    • 6 speech points/filled row on speech chart = select a reward (play a game, be line leader, teacher helper, etc.)

    Consequences for breaking speech expectations/unsatisfactory behavior:

    • Losing a turn during the speech game/activity
    • Losing Dojo/Speech point
    • Conference with student, family and/or classroom teacher to discuss behavior.