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    Posted by: SCOTT MCGLOIN


    Please fill free to post your ideas for goals for our IEPs.  Please try to make the goals so they can be applicable for a student to achieve as well as applicable for any teacher to implement and collect data.  Please include criteria (accuracy and/or trials), method for monitoring goal, who should be responsible, how often the goal should be monitored, and if your highly motivated, a data collection sheet.  Also, try to categorize it as a goal in Reading, Writing, Math, or Social-Emotional so when I go through them, I can easily cut and paste so I can print them out for us in an organized way.  We are attempting to limit the goals to no more than 5 per student.  The Webinar specifically stated we do not need to create a goal for every need the student has, but create goals so they have access to the general education curriculum.  I am not making this stuff up.  Thank you for all the input and concenrs you share.

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Welcome Parents!

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    Posted by: SCOTT MCGLOIN

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Welcome!  My name is Mr. McGloin and I am your child's Global History teacher.  My room number is 227 and my number at East High School is 816-4520 extension 1227.

    Please feel free to visit all the sections on my website.  They are great tools that you and your child can use.  Encourage your child to use this website to review, study, practice, and retrieve homework assignments.  The My Calendar icon located on the left side will provide you with the due dates for every homework assignment.  Click on it and it will give directions and usually a handout.  While your child will receive all homework assignments in class, he or she can use this in case a handout is lost, forgotten, or if your child was absent.  Please click on the date September 14.  This date contains my Class Syllabus and you will be able to read the Rules, Procedures, and Grading policies for my class.


    Again Welcome to Global History and please contact me anytime through this message board or by calling East High School.  Thank you.

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