• A Quick Look at Some District Resources

    1. OWA (Outlook Web Access): Your district email

    2. School Dude: Create tickets for any IT concern. Be specific, but concise, when explaining your issue. Be sure to explain any troubleshooting you've already done to resolve the problem. This will help the techs in resolving your issue quickly and efficiently. Not sure how to create a ticket? Click HERE. If you haven't gotten a response within a week or two of having created your ticket:
      • Email referencing your ticket number (e.g., I'm emailing for a status update on ticket #XXXXXX created on Month/Day/Year regarding _____)
      • Call 816-3510 and reference your ticket number

    3. Print Server:
       Adding building printers and copiers
      • Open Internet Explorer (*this will not work on other browsers)
      • Type the following in the address bar: printersXXX (the Xs represent your 3-digit school number)

    4. H: Drive:
       Your district network cloud storage. Accessible from any computer in the district when logged in with your AD (Active Directory) credentials (i.e., your computer username & password). If your drive isn't visible, first, make sure you're connected to the network. If that's not the issue, one of the following should resolve the problem:
      • Click HERE to reconnect your H: drive
      • Open any folder window, type: \\bpsstorage01\staff\YourUsername and press Enter key on your keyboard

    5. IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) Training Flipchart: Download this training flipchart to learn some of the basics about using the ActivInspire software. You can access this flipchart and other resources HERE.

    6. Teacher Website Request: Submit an electronic form requesting access to set up your own district teacher website

    7. MailMeter: This is a service that automatically archives EVERYTHING sent to from your district email address. It is recommended that you only use your district email for work-related purposes. Use your personal email (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) for all non work-related communications. To access your MailMeter email archive:
      • First-time users, type your complete district email address in the Email ID box
      • Click the Get New Password button

      ***HINT: Before you pay for and install any software, do a Google search for promotional codes on whatever software you're looking to install. Many companies will offer a promo code for 10% or more discount just for "liking" them on Facebook.