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    Algebra II
    In General

    Test Taking Strategies for Grades 3-8

    Remember, there is as much skill in taking a test as there is knowing the information on the test.Review these helpful reminders to ensure you, your best chances to do your best on the test.

    General test taking:

    Read the directions before starting a section.

    1. Read all key words and information in a question.
    2. Stay aware of the time remaining.
    3. Do not stay on one question too long. If you get hung up on a question, circle it and keep moving. Come back to it later.
    4. Cross off any responses you know to be incorrect.
    5. Use extra time to go back and review the test/answers.
    6. DO NOT leave blank multiple choice questions!
    7. Stay Calm and Do Your Best!!!

    ELA Specific


    1. Read the title of the passage.
    2. Check for visual features. (charts, pictures, etc.)
    3. Think about what you already know that is related to the topic of the passage.
    4. Identify the genre. (fiction, non-fiction, or poetry)
    5. For passages with questions, read all questions first, then read the passage.
    6. Support your answers with evidence from the text.


    Math Specific


    1. Do not get caught up on names in the problems.
    2. Identify the math concept needed. (area, +, –, ×, ÷, integers, fractions, etc.)
    3. Check the formula sheet for something that might be able to help.
    4. Grades 6-8, on calculator portions of the test, use the calculator for calculations.
    5. If stuck/confused, skip and see if a problem later might be able to help get you started.