PD-Grades K-8 2015-16

The following is a list of the training offered at for the 2015-16 school year at the K-8 District wide Professional Development:

1. Backwards Planning - Presenter - Timothy Slaght
Also, shared the use of Classflow

2. Instructional Strategies - Presenter - Lisa Sanders
Also, Shared how to use the ActivExpressions

3. Criteria for Success and The Home School Connection - Presenter - Kristin Connolly
Grade K-6
The Home School Connection and Math Task - Presenter - Kristin Connolly
Grade 7-8
Also, used Accountable Talk and red/yellow/green 
Solo Cups (student self-monitoring and classroom management)

4. Bringing it all together - Presenters- JaDawn Wagstaff, Dalphne Bell, and Math Coaches

KinderGr. 1Gr. 2Gr. 3Gr. 4Gr. 5Gr. 6*Gr. 7&8*
*Not linked yet