SCD 4-12-16

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    April 12th, 2016

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    Nspire with Algebra I

    Ti-Nspire strategies for exploring and answering common core Algebra I questions. Great session if you are looking for some review ideas/materials for exam prep.

    Jesse McVerby & Michelle Lemmo


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    Integrating Technology into your Teaching

    Want to learn how to post your flipcharts to your website, or how about recording yourself solving a problem on your Promethean board to show students? This session will cover how to integrate several tools of the active inspire software, online media, and technology tips/tricks to use in your everyday teaching.

    John Zasowski

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    Supporting ELL’s

    Learn techniques to help connect with students of different cultural backgrounds as well as the importance of language and content objectives.

    Elizabeth Kent

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    Plickers and Classflow Introduction

    Participants will learn how to use Plickers as a real-time assessment tool and display results. The interactive polling features and student response card submission of Classflow will be examined. Viewing student data in both Plickers and Classflow will also be demonstrated.

    Pam Littere

    Classflow Resources

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    (Need Classflow account to view)

     Plickers Resources

    IXL for June Exam Review/Prep

    What is true subject fluency? With today's high stakes testing all around us, teachers cannot just push worksheet after worksheet to students and hope that it sticks. To achieve foundational fluency, a new and different model is needed. Education Consultant Christopher King will discuss how to thoroughly prepare for the Regents by utilizing IXL's adaptive math program in, and out, of the classroom.

    Chris King


    Creating a Motivating Classroom Environment

    Strategies of how to motivate your students with student led discussion based learning, data from NY state released questions, growth mindset and mathematical practices.

    Amanda Kelchin


    Modify the Modules to Include Skills

    Teachers will explore how to modify the modules to include essential skills, similar to an interactive notebook, to create one document that is a student friendly worksheet packet to use for the entire module.  The packet includes lessons, homework, and extra practice for the essential grade-level skills.

    Billie Jo Dietrich


    Modifying the Modules

    Algebra II Common Core

    An overview of the exam breakdown and modules with links to review sheets for module 1.

    Amanda Stephens

    A2 Materials 

    Illuminate Assessments and Reporting

    Learn how to create assessments in Illuminate, to utilize the system for data reports to support DDI and so much more! Specific questions will also be addressed, so come prepared.

    Caroline Farrell & Holly Hogg

    CFA #4

    Get Them Kids Moving!!

    Let’s get up out of our seats and explore ways to get our students moving around our classroom while they learn and practice skills.

    Wendy Schumacher

               & Directions 

    Discovering Trigonometry "Hands-On" Using the Unit Circle

    Using a Unit Circle, students measure, record their observations, then use color markers to connect angles with similar sin and cos values--at least four amazing patterns can be easily identified by students. Another WikiStix exercise brings the graphed characteristics of sin, cos, and phase shift to life.

    Robert Alt

    Unit Circle Resources

    Sample Student Work

    Nspire Refresher: Back-to-Basics

    Introduction to the basic features of the TI-Nspire Teacher Software.  Overview of documents including calculations, graphing, lists and spreadsheets, and data and statistics.  Exploration of online resources, templates, and menu buttons.

    Sue Draper


    Ti Activities

    Atomic Learning

    JMAP Resources 

    Ti-84: OS, Wabbit, & Ti-Connect Oh My!

    Why update? This back to the basics course will review some of the enhancements related the 2.55MP OS update, review how to update and give directions for the installation of Wabbit (a free emulator) so you can use the Ti-84 on the Promethean Board.

    Timothy Slaght



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