• Help with getting your ASUS Tablet to work wirelessly in your classroom:

    1. Wireless Adapter support document
    This document will explain:
    a. What pieces you need
    b. What software you need
    c. How to hook it up and set it up
    d. How to connect to the board

    Optional: Additional Settings you can adjust for your Wireless Presenter
    a. The name of your Wireless presenter
    b. A pin to ensure people do not connect/alter your settings

    2. Settings:
    You are now using an HD adapter and you need to adjust the settings so that your computer better connects to the board.
    a. You will need to adjust the resolution - mine is set to 1366 x 768
    b. I changed additional settings under Make text and other items larger or smaller
    1. Adjust any of the settings in the drop down labelled Title bars
    2. Ex. I chose Icons, selected 10 for font size, and checked the Bold box. This makes it easier to read once projecting on the board.

    3. Setting up the Hue HD, "document camera"
    a. Go to the following link and download AMCap software
    Save as, to your desktop
    b. Click on the icon whenever you would like to use your camera.
    Note: you could Pin this program to taskbar
    c. Adjusting the focus - using the silver circle.