Lab 16 Neutralization Acids and Bases

  • Lab 16 Neutralization Acids and Bases

    Problem question: Can we determine the concentration of an acid given the concentration of base?

    1) materials: Base 0.1 M, acid (unknown concentration), indicator and reaction cup or tray
    2) add 10 drops of base to a cup A
    3) add 1 drop of universal indicator to the cupA
    4) add and count drops of acid until the color in the cup turns green
    5) Do calculations in results section do determine concentration of base


    Example: Mr Tyrrell’s Experiment

    Ma  X Va  =  Mb  X Vb

    Ma x 7 drops = 0.1 x 10
    Ma x 7  =  1.0
    Ma  =  1.0/7 = .14 M