Technology is:

  • Technology is:

    • the study of how humans modify the natural world to meet our needs and solve problems. 
    • how we apply practical applications of knowledge, particularly in engineering.
    • accomplishing a task using technical processes, methods or knowledge.
    • human innovation in action.



    Technology Education is:


    Technology Education is a basic introduction to and exploration of technology.  It is a exciting subject that helps students understand and keep pace with technology in our society!  As advancements have thrusted us into a faster moving, more highly sophisticated, technological society - technology education has made content adjustments that reflect these changes.


    Our goal is to advance each child’s technological literacy and capabilities by nurturing their understanding of technology, innovation, design, and engineering.

    Technological literacy is vital to individual, community, and national economic prosperity.  The workforce of the future must have the ability to use, manage, and understand technology.  




    Major units of study include:


    -          Technology

    -          Innovation

    -          Design

    -          Engineering

    -          Systems

    -          Energy and Electronics

    -          Information and Communication

    -          Transportation

    -          Manufacturing

    -          Construction