Classroom Expectations

  • The 5 P's to Follow in Class





    CLASSROOM POLICIES AND EXPECTATIONS:  In order to maximize the time available it is expected that each student will make every effort to:

    1. Report to class on time.

    2. Be prepared for class (have a pencil and notebook each day).

    3. Take pride in their work (complete all activities neatly and promptly).

    4. Respect the property, feelings, and work of others around them.

    5. Accept the responsibility for obtaining any work missed due to absence.

    6. DO NOT distract others during lessons or demonstrations.

    7. Realize that dismissal will be by the instructor and only after cleanup is deemed satisfactory.

    Students will be introduced to all Safety rules used in a Technology Lab. Proper procedures for using hand tools and machines will be taught. Students work as a group and as an individual on different projects.


    1. Only (1) one student per machine unless help is needed.

    2. Safety glasses must be worn at all times while operating or standing near

    a machine that is in use.

    3. Report all accidents to the instructor immediately, no matter how

    small they may seem.

    4. Always return everything you use to its proper place.

    5. Start and stop all machines by yourself.

    6. Beware of how your actions affect others in the room.

    7. Do not operate any machinery that has not been demonstrated to you.

    8.  No eating or drinking in the computer lab!