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    Information on how to request computer help BPS Staff Resources To report a problem with computers, printers, computer peripherals, logins, software, etc., please use the BPS Online Computer Help Desk.

    If you are unable to use a computer to report your problem you can still call the computer help desk at:  816-3510. 

    Please give as much information about your problem as possible.

    Detailed instructions are found below.

    Basic Overview:

    1. Go to, click on Staff Resources, click on Online Computer Help Desk.
    2. Enter your district email address
    3. If this is the first time you've requested help through the system, you'll need to:  [ video]
      1. Enter you contact information- follow the steps the system provides.
      2. If there is someone else already registered you may have more choices.
      3. Use the school phone number
    4. If you've requested help before, or have finished the first time registration, you move on to....
    5. Step 2: pick your Location.[ video]
      1. Click the location find button (binoculars)
      2. Type your 3-digit (206, 302, 042) school number, and click go
      3. Click your school name-- it will be then entered in the help request window
      4. Pick your Area (Classroom, office, computer lab, etc...)
      5. Type in the Room number in Area/Room Number
      6. If this is your REGULAR Room and Location, check the "Yes, remember my entries..." checkbox to save your location. This will make your future help requests quicker.
    6. Choose the problem type that best matches your problem or need. Don't worry- it can be adjusted later on by the help desk if needed.
    7. Description- enter a detailed description of the problem. Include as much information as possible.
    8. Questionnaire- Depending upon the problem type, you may need to fill out a questionaire.  Be specific with model type, and make sure the serial number information is correct.
    9. Purpose-  make a selection from the pop-up list that best matches the issue- this choice is similar to the Problem type, but more tuned to the BPS help desk system.
    10. Submittal Password: Enter 'password'
    Once done you will be notified by email regarding the status of your request.  Bookmark/Add To Favorites the request listing page if you wish to check up on your help request.

    Let me know if there's anything I can do to make the process smoother!  - Betty

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