Drop Box for Work

  • Use this drop box to submit typed essays after you have used Microsoft Word (MS Word). You can type most essays with teacher permission if you finish on time and you are working hard. 

    Do not forget to write your name on your Microsoft Word document.

    After you submit your work write me a note telling me where it is so I can print it out. Not everyone uses MS word and the online dropbox, so I generally won't look here if you are missing an assignment. 

    You can submit BOOK REPORTS now!! Click on the link and then "enable editing" and fill in ALL the information. When you are finished you can save it to your H drive and upload it just like you would any other assignment. 

    If you have questions, please ask a teacher only after you have asked a friend to help you. 


    Directions for using the drop box

    1. click on "Browse"

    2. click on Documents

    3. click on the file you want to open

    4. click OPEN

    5. add your name (first and last!)

    6. Add the title of your essay in the File Info which is the title of whatever you      are submitting to me.

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