Human Body Systems - Are you prepared for your board exams this spring?

  • The Human Body Systems

    Did you know that we are multicellular organisms? Do you know how many cells we are made up?  Approximately 37.2 trillion cells make up an average adult.  These cells must organize into a unique system to be able to get things done and they are working hard every day! Check out how our bodies are organized by looking at the pictures below and using the resources provided.  Get more information on each body system in each tab.  

    All students in Regents Biology/Living Environment will be challenged to take "Medical Board Exams" this spring using the information they have acquired throughout the entire school year.  Can you become receive your degree and become a Doctor of Human Body Systems at Frank A. Sedita? 

    Classroom Assignments/Resources
    • Medical Journal

    Classroom Assignments/Resources
    • Human Body