Unit 3: Biochemistry

  • Unit 3: Biochemistry
          In this unit we will earn what Mrs. Mioducki calls the fundamentals, or ABC's of Biology.  Similar to Unit 2, this unit will help you organize all of your future learning into a nice chart to see how every topic in Biology relates to the others.  Memorize the chart we learn in Biochemistry and see how much easier the rest of your year will be! 

    1. Compare and contrast polymers and monomers using a Venn Diagram
    2. Identify the four major organic molecules in cells by listing the polymers in their chart. 
    3. Identify the subunits (monomers) that match each of the four organic molecules.
    4. Identify the function of each of the four organic molecules.
    5. Explain how the structure of a protein directly relates to its function by using the following terms:  shape, unique, specific, function, protein, enzyme.
    6. Identify two factors that can directly impact the function of a protein.

    Vocabulary Terms
    monomer, polymer, function, structure, glucose, carbohydrates, fatty acids, lipids, proteins, amino acids, nucleic acids, nucleotides, starch, enzyme, hormones, specific, receptor, substrate, synthesis, digestion, sub-unit

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