Advanced Placement Courses

  • Advanced Placement [AP] courses provide BPS students with  rigorous, college level coursework and the opportunity to gain college credits while still in high school.

    Colleges and universities often take into account a student's AP courseload when making decisions about scholarship offers. Likewise, taking AP courses can favorably impact colleges making admission decisions.

    Who Should Take AP Courses?
    AP is not only for advanced students. Every student has the potential to do well in an AP course.

    AP classes are more difficult than regular courses, but students who are willing to accept the challenge can be successful in AP.

    All BPS students are invited to register for AP English courses at the high school level (unless the school provides actual college courses instead).

    ELA Advanced Placement Offerings
    Two AP English courses are currently offered in BPS:
    • AP Language and Composition
      Recommended grade 11 • Replaces ELA III

    • AP Literature and Composition
      Recommended grade 12 • Replaces ELA IV

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