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    Social Studies

    NEWS REPORTING: Industrialization and Immigration

    As citizens of the United States, it is out job to understand our past and the present, so that we can make good decisions in the future.  We watch the news, read the new and discuss it every week in school in order to help prepare us to make decisions in our life and for our country. 

    You are to pick a topic and create a “news report” on the topic.  This will be written in a script (speech) format, which after practicing will be recorded by Mr. Strangio.

    Helpful ideas:
    ~You can use your notes, handouts, textbook, or relevant Internet sources for information (outside information)
    ~Find and print pictures or graphs to use to help with your presentation
    ~Remember the keys for speeches (Intro, Body, Conclusion)
    ~What things can we control?
    ~What things can’t we control?
    ~You can partner up with a friend, but YOU each have to present different information (check with teacher)
    ~Go “on location”

    ~Urbanization (good and the bad)
    ~Inventions (Edison, etc)
    ~Andrew Carnegie and the Steel Industry
    ~Industrialization (positives and negatives)
    ~Ellis Island
    ~Angel Island
    ~Push/Pull Factors
    ~Voyage to America
    ~Transcontinental Railroad

    ____Topic choice  (5 points)
    ____Topic outline   (25 points)
    ____Research/Outside information (have to show, write down sources (15 points)
    ____Script (Written Speech)  (45 points)
    ____Peer Edited  (10 points)
    ____Practice (10 points)
    ____Pictures/graphs   (10 points)
    ____Recording (80 points)
         /200 points