• Accounts Payable Department

    818 City Hall

    Buffalo, New York 14202

    Email: accountspayable@buffaloschools.org

    Phone: (716)816-3683

    Fax: (716)851-3502


     Welcome to the Buffalo Public Schools Accounts Payable website.  Below is a summary of our main responsibilities:

    1. Process Vendor invoices for payment.
      1. Accept vendor invoices submitted through email (new email for vendor invoices- APINVOICES@buffaloschools.org please include PO # in subject).
      2. Enter invoices into our payment system (MUNIS)
      3. Notify departments if a submitted invoice needs the corresponding receiving to be completed.
      4. Notify departments and/or Purchase Department when a change order must be processed.
      5. Process weekly payments to vendors by check and electronically.
      6. Respond to vendor inquiries.
    2. Train Staff in Accounts Payable procedures including MUNIS on-line receiving.
    3. Audit employees travel and other reimbursements (local and out of district).
    4. Audit petty cash transactions for reimbursement to employee.
    5. Audit, tag, and maintain inventory records for fixed assets and small equipment.
      1. Audit object codes and commodity codes related to equipment.
      2. Audit District cell phone usage, cell phone GPS, and vehicle travel.
      3. Perform site audits of school/departmental inventory
    6. Extra Classroom Activity Accounts/Funds
      1. Monitor transactions entered into extra classroom software (SFO).
      2. Perform site audits of extra classroom activities and funds.
      3. Train users on procedures and software (SFO).
      4. Oversee monthly bank reconciliations.
      5. Give guidance and assistance when needed by school clerks and principals.